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UV-VIS Spectrophotometer

All those who are looking for the superior quality UV-VIS Spectrophotometer can get in touch with us! We are a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer from Taiwan. Our UV-7504 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer low stray light comes with automatic functions and 100% accurate calculations. It can also be connected with PC for wavelength scan, time scan & standard curve, etc. All you have to so is place the order!


Model UV7504C UV7504PC
Spectral Slit width 4nm
Optical System Single Beam, Grating System 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength Range 200 ~ 1000nmVIS
Wavelength Accuracy
Stray light â¦0.3 %T at 220340nm
Photometric Range
0 ~ 125 %T, -0.1 ~ 2.5 A, 0-1999C0-1999F
Light Source Tungsten Halogen / Deuterium lamp
Standard cell holder 4 - position
Data Output LCD DISPLAY 2line×20ch.RS232C
Dimensions 440 × 370 × 200mm
Weight 17kg
Power Requirement 115/230 volt. 10 %, 60 / 50 Hz Adjustable